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Shahina recouped her confidence with SWAPNO’s Solidarity package

Posted on 08 Sep, 2020

Whenever any pandemic or natural disaster occurs, people especially rural poor women suffer the most. Shahina Khatun, one of the SWAPNO participants, experienced the same. Her family didn’t know how they would survive in this challenging times. That time, SWAPNO came forward to lessen her anguishes. But how? Let’s have a look at Shahina’s life. Originating from Rajibpur Upazila, a poverty-striken area of Kurigram district, Shahina Khatun got married at the age of 17. Due to early marriage and lack of education, she wasn’t aware of healthy living. When the Corona virus emerged, she was totally clueless about the deadly effect of this pandemic.

“When we first heard about Corona virus, we had absolutely no idea about its treacherous impact. My sons used to tell me about the announcements made by the Government that we need to maintain social distance, wash our hands, etc. They became depressed to see others using masks, soaps, hand sanitizers. In the meantime, gMst.-Sahina-KhatunMohongonj-Unionovernment announced a country wide lockdown which actually intensified our sufferings. I struggled to manage two times food for my family.” After passing months of hardship, Shahina came to know that SWAPNO, in association with Citi Bank N.A and Bangkok Regional Hub, would provide a Solidarity package to its beneficiaries.

With a bright smile, Shahina said, “One day Union workers came to our house and told us about SWAPNO’s food package. Not only that, they also told us about a hygiene package containing soaps, masks and hand sanitizers for maintaining personal hygiene. I was really surprised and happy at the same time.”
After some days, SWAPNO staff handed her a big package full of essential food items like rice, flour, sugar, oil, salt, lentil and hygiene items like soaps, fabric masks and hand sanitizers.
“Solidarity package is a great support for my family. My two sons are very happy now. I can feed my sons with quality foods. We can now protect ourselves from Corona virus. What SWAPNO has done for us is truly commendable.” Mst.-Sahina-Khatun-2-Mohongonj-union
Shahina’s family is now using soaps and masks regularly. This package helps her to regain her confidence and happiness. She is not leaving behind now and SWAPNO has made it possible.
SWAPNO always extends its support towards its beneficiaries whether any emergency occurs or not. Since the inception, SWAPNO is trying to create a positive impact on distressed women’s lives through employment creation, training, emergency support, etc.


Written by: Kashfia Sharmin