SWAPNO Beneficiaries Earn by Planting Bashok Trees in Changed Enclave

Posted on 02 Aug, 2021

Rows of eye-covering bashok trees are now on both sides of the paved road in Dasiyarchhara; the extinct enclave is now a changed town. 17 SWAPNO beneficiaries who have been abandoned, widowed, and divorced are getting additional income by selling the medicinal leaves of these beautiful and environmentally friendly trees.

page610451feae34b (1)At the end of 2019, 15,000 bashok trees were planted at the initiative of the Upazila Parishad. The Upazila Parishad is getting 5 percent money from the sale of the leaves of these trees. Union Parishad is getting 10 percent. And the beneficiaries are getting 85 percent. Although the tenure of 17 helpless women working with the SWAPNO project has ended a long time ago; they have income from this work. Even then, they will get this dividend till 2029. ACME Pharmaceutical Company is the buyer of these trees.

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