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Livelihood skills training

Posted on 14 Dec, 2018

SWAPNO focuses on improving women’s access to skills development opportunities as skills are possibly the least erosive ‘assets’ a poor person can own. The mandatory savings component facilitates an accumulation of capital for asset purchase; but poor and marginalised women often do not have the skills necessary to successfully generate income from their assets. Therefore, with training on livelihood skills including basic financial literacy and linkage with relevant markets, SWAPNO is giving them the tools to carve their way out of poverty.

After an initial needs’ assessment, six major livelihood skills were identified upon which the curriculum development was based. The training manuals were used for facilitating livelihoods training to the beneficiary women.

These are:
a. Small business management and development
b. Livestock rearing
c. Poultry, duck and pigeon rearing
d. Vegetable cultivation
e. Fish and crab culture
f. Tailoring and dress making.