SWAPNO fulfills Dream

Posted on 15 Sep, 2015

SWAPNO beneficiary women who were destitute and hapless are now employed and part of the vibrant work crew working 6 hours in maintaining important community public assets of Union Parishad. For the next 18 months they all will have waged employment and simultaneously receive life skills and livelihood training. SWAPNO a Social Transfer project has a unique graduation package which will ensure the future market employability of all these women. SWAPNO outcomes will ensure, improved human capital is built through SWAPNO so these 4,464 women’s household do not slip back to poverty trap post-project.

Children’s education, better homestead, starting a new business, joining a local business group or being employed with the new skills are some of the dreams these women wish to full fill through SWAPNO. These basic aspirations were out of the reach for them before, but SWAPNO promises to make dreams a reality for them. SWAPNO women has been selected in a transparent manner to ensure that the most poor, marginalized and vulnerable women are targeted rightly to eradicate poverty.